Mara and Llew Kiek Artists in Residence at Heckenberg Public School
We are very proud to announce that Mara and Llew are artists in Residence at Heckenberg Public School for 3 years from 2020-22.
This new program from Musica Viva in Schools in Heckenberg and Ashcroft Public Schools builds on similar MVIS programs in SA and Vic, and aims to create an enhanced musical culture among staff and students at both schools that will continue after the culmination of the residency.
Both the schools already have an evolving music program, but successfully tendered to be part of this new initiative which places the artists in each school for 30 days each year. We look forward to upskilling teachers and students, bringing musical activities into their classrooms, presenting student concerts, further developing choirs and ensembles, creating new ones and a initiating a host of projects that will enrich students, staff, parents and the wider community.

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